The future of humanity hangs in the balance, as both sides race against time to find the bloodline of Judas Iscariot. When Lexi Smith, a simple college student, finds herself in the middle of an all-out spiritual war, she is forced to trust a complete stranger. Kidnapped, rescued, then in hiding, she knows she has to act, but will she have enough time to save humanity?

  1. 1相伴庫里申科 9.0分
  2. 2危險人格 9.0分
  3. 3小矮人捉鬼記 9.0分
  4. 4辣妹愛宅男 9.0分
  5. 5超狗任務 9.0分
  6. 6灰姑娘職場記 9.0分
  7. 7再見,在也不見 9.0分
  8. 8圣誕老人3 9.0分
  9. 9荒野生存 9.0分
  10. 10色影重重 9.0分