A cinematic homage to Peter Rice, one of the most distinguished engineers of the late 20th century. Tracing Rice's extraordinary life and career, from his Dundalk childhood to his work on the Sydney Opera House,The Pompidou Centre and the Lloyd's Building, to his untimely death in 1992, Marcus Robinson uses stunning time-lapse photography and revealing interviews to tell the story of a genius who stood in the shadow of architectural icons. Until now.

  1. 1相伴庫里申科 9.0分
  2. 2危險人格 9.0分
  3. 3小矮人捉鬼記 9.0分
  4. 4辣妹愛宅男 9.0分
  5. 5超狗任務 9.0分
  6. 6灰姑娘職場記 9.0分
  7. 7再見,在也不見 9.0分
  8. 8圣誕老人3 9.0分
  9. 9荒野生存 9.0分
  10. 10色影重重 9.0分