Ga?lle is suddenly released by her kidnapper Vincent, after eight years of captivity during which they had been ?everything? to each other. Just as she had to earn her freedom day-by-day against him, she has to do so again, now facing her parents and a world she is only just discovering.在經歷了長達八年的囚禁之后,Ga?lle 突然被她的綁架者Vincent釋放了。在這八年中,對于他們而言,彼此就是“所有的一切”。正如她曾經必須每一天與綁架者對抗以獲取自由一般,現在,她必須以同樣的對抗來面對父母和這個她剛剛開始探索的世界。by woodring & 又又

  1. 1相伴庫里申科 9.0分
  2. 2小矮人捉鬼記 9.0分
  3. 3辣妹愛宅男 9.0分
  4. 4超狗任務 9.0分
  5. 5灰姑娘職場記 9.0分
  6. 6再見,在也不見 9.0分
  7. 7圣誕老人3 9.0分
  8. 8荒野生存 9.0分
  9. 9色影重重 9.0分
  10. 10陰陽墓 9.0分